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Are you looking for an assisted living facility in South Florida? Look no further than Barnett Assisted Living Facility located in West Park Florida. Barnett Assisted Living offers assisted living services, hospice care and much more to seniors that are looking for assisted living facilities in South Florida. There are large and small residential assisted living facilities. While the larger assisted living facilities are for more independent people, the residential assisted living facilities provide a home like environment with more one-on-one care, including: home cooked meals, arts & crafts music appreciation, cinema and much more! This is a place where a senior can age in peace. 

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From the beginning Barnett Assisted Living has always put customer experience first! And its owner, Scott Barnett, is dedicated to enriching the lives of our seniors, and he is using his vast experience to help each one of our residents to achieve an optimal state of health and longevity. With our amazingly trained staff and beautifully designed homes in West Park Florida, we guarantee that your loved ones will not only enjoy their time but that they are also well taken care of!