Our Medical Services

  • With Barnett Assisted Living, you don’t just get care — you get a community. One where your needs are met, whether that means medical support or social interaction, spiritual wellness, intellectual stimulation, or emotional connection. 

    Medical resources are right there when you need them, and that kind of assurance can bring a whole new level of comfort. You can re-connect with family again in a meaningful way, you can meet new friends for coffee and laugh over stories, you can feel part of a place while still feeling very much at home.

    Barnett Assisted Living frees you from the type of everyday tasks, errands, and maintenance that may have been weighing you down in the past. You’ll have what you need instead:

    • Medical resources tailored to you
    • Team members who focus on helping you thrive and stay engaged 
    • Fun, enriching activities that let you stay engaged intellectually, socially, spiritually, physically, and emotionally 
    • Chef-created dining that meets your specific dietary needs while still being delicious
    • Warm and comfortable living spaces that truly let you feel at home

    Families often find that assisted living helps everyone go back to a time when they could simply enjoy each other’s company — instead of making every conversation about task delegation, transportation needs, symptom management, and more. You can joke and tell stories instead, secure in knowing that medical needs and daily needs support are being handled.

Best In Class Assistance

Here at Barnett Assisted Living we truly care about every single person who walks through our doors. We take the necessary time to learn about each of our customers because we understand just how important your loved ones are to you!